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    15 September 2022 at 2:56 pm

    Dream: Naturescape: The mysterious mists and fog of the marine layers dissolve to reveal coastal meadow in between ocean and low lying foothills. With trees, bees, sage ,, peregrine falcons’ piercing call, deer, insects, multiple species, colors, & chorus on an early Summer morn. As the sunlight rises, across the field, a woman comes forward into focus wearing traditional Native American skirts, and beaded shirt adorned with a beautiful beaded medicine shield. She was gathering herbs samples which she put in her medicine pouch.( slung slightly below her waist. ) She smiles much like my grandmother would, extends her hand releasing seeds, herbs, pollen and light in my direction. Exclaiming “Compassion! “ Immediately her form shapeshifted into the Magician, Visionary & the Seeker ( all 3 translucent ). Exclaiming in concert “Compassion, Compassion!” Archetypes: Late Summer ,Earth, Medicine Women /Crone, Magician, Visionary/Seeker. Discoveries: This time I felt being called to embrace and examine my understanding of how I manifest compassion ( being with suffering ), self compassion in peaceful ( unconditional awareness and love )and fierce ( cutting through false understandings, conditioned aspects of our identities and severing cultural trance. )Full bodied. I was surprised by the manifesting of the Magician/Visionary, and Seeker. Three archetypes that resonate with me, yet wraith like transparency here felt more like the shadow sides still needing my attention. Example for Seeker: Acknowledging that you will never feel ready, what action can you take now? Move beyond Virgoan self criticism.