When Saying Goodnight is Hard

When Saying Goodnight is Hard

When Saying Goodnight is Hard

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When Saying Goodnight is Hard​

US$ 199

10 modules

5 hours

Online and at your own pace

Additional resources and recommendations for further study

Language: English

Access is for 1 year, (rewatch as many times as you like)

Certificate upon completion

$185.00Read more



Why we need to gather first, then eat


Three keys to feeding and eating in relationship


What kind of relational feeding dance are you doing?


The roots of receptivity


Picky eating through a developmental and relational lens


Gut Feelings, emotions and food – a tangled relationship


Relational solutions for food problems


Understanding and Diffusing Resistance and opposition


Relationship repair and preservation


(Re)claiming food rituals


Define self-esteem based on developmental science
Learn the difference between acquired and natural sources of self esteem
Understand the developmental roots that give rise to natural self esteem
Be equipped with three ways to convey significance to a child or teen
Make sense of your role in creating the conditions for healthy self esteem

Who is this for?

  • The course is for anyone who feeds others and is interested in the relational dynamics
    that are part of eating.
  •  It is not intended to serve as primary treatment for food problems but may augment
    services offered by other health professionals.
  • Gather to eat is based on an interdisciplinary understanding of human development and
    is attachment-based in orientation.

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