Deborah provides counselling services to adults who are confused or upset by behavioural and/or learning problems with a child or adolescent. Her overall approach is based in developmental science integrating attachment science, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and cultural tradition.

Counselling services are available to adolescents who are interested in talking through issues related to the passage into adulthood.  In order to best serve the needs of the teen, counselling sessions will be held in confidence unless there is threat to self or others.

Deborah also offers counselling supervision services to counsellors, social workers, educators, and child/health care professionals based on this approach.

What is the goal of counselling? 

The explicit goal of counselling is to get adults into the driver’s seat in effecting change in the home or classroom. The focus is on making sense of the underlying roots of the problem, the impediments to growth, and how adults can best intervene.

When kids get stuck, it is insight into underlying emotions, interpreting behaviour, and making sense of them overall that matters most. We cannot make headway towards lasting change when we do not first seek to consider the roots of the problem.

It is never too late to build and repair relationships with our kids. Sometimes finding the way through starts with accepting the futility in trying the same things over and over with little result.


Common Issues Addressed in Counselling

Preparing for a Counselling Session


Are counselling sessions covered by insurance?

Deborah is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Services offered may be covered under extended health plans that recognize the Clinical Counsellor designation. Please contact Deborah for counselling session fees and availability.

How can I make an appointment?

For more information please contact Heather Beach at  Please allow at least 48 hours for a reply.

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