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    15 September 2022 at 3:01 pm

    he Lion’s Portal, July 26 – August 12 with emphasis on August 8 is known as an astrolgical new year beginning, came with its’ profound gifts. The 8th being the sturgeon (the stirrer) full moon with more articulation.( I’m new to this energetic and will love, Lorie and Benjamin’s insight. ) Beginning on the 4th of August I experienced immersion in a journey of dreams for days. The portal dreams vivid, full of densely detailed image, some repeating. Internal movement in all though no fixed “storyline” All evolving. Open space, beyond time. The Dreams 1>Dream Silence, an energetic swirling spiraling reveals: Immersed in a slightly viscose cloudy undefined, amniotic, like fluid with a gentle perceptible wave rhythm. Floating in this amorphous scene a closed, Chrysalis, ranging in colors from greyish blue to an undulating rainbow colored tip. Unchanging at the tim